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Thank you for your interest in Tai Chi.

Tai Chi has been practiced worldwide for thousand of years and can be traced back to the early 17th century in most Chinese cultures. There are many different styles of Tai Chi that derive from Fu, Chen, and Yang styles. Myrtle Beach Tai Chi is a Tibetan form of the Yang style. Tai Chi in short can be referred to as "Meditation in Motion". It's a combination of postures, slow movement and flow that create a series of forms. 


My name is Heather Grzech.

I am from Baltimore, MD. I practiced martial arts at

The Academy of Traditional Asian Fighting Arts under Guru Besar Dr. Scott Sobel. 

My father Kevin (also a student of ATAFA) and I have been training in martial arts together for many years. August 2018 we were promoted to Guru in PentJak Silat by Dr. Andre KnustGraichenGuru Kevin and I teach Tai Chi together. We bring a balance of yin and yang along with a fun father/daughter dynamic duo. 

2016 I started training in Tai Chi. In 2017 Myrtle Beach called and I answered.  

January 2020, I created Myrtle Beach Tai Chi with vision and passion. It continues to make positive waves through the community.

(For more, I explain "my why" under the Events page). 


Myrtle Beach Tai Chi is unique. Tai Chi brings people together in a positive way by forming good solid connections that last a lifetime. Tai Chi is for everyone of all ages and requires no equipment. Just like most things it requires consistency to achieve good results.  

Patience -Learn -Apply -Evolve   

Pak Andre Knust Graichen 
May the 4th be with you.....
May your light be for eternity 
May your teachings continue
May you never be forgotten 

We honor and miss you friend 
Thank you for the keys......
forever your humble student 
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