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We would like to thank everyone for joining us in Tai Chi this month at Brookgreen Gardens.

It was an overwhelming, successful turnout from start to finish.
We hope that you enjoyed moving and learning new things.
It was pleasure meeting all of you.
Thank you Natalie, Carrie, and Brookgreen Gardens for having us and
allowing us to share space in your beautiful garden.
Such a memorable experience.
Many thanks.
Heather & Kevin
Myrtle Beach Tai Chi

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brookgreen flyer 1   copy.1.jpeg

Thank you What a great day. The skies opened, the sun shined, and YOU showed UP. Amazing turnout. Thank you so much for joining us for our 1st Tai Chi demo event at Brookgreen Gardens on March 7th, 2024. It was nice meeting everyone and seeing smiles. So grateful for the positive response and feedback. We loved moving with you. Very excited for what’s to come. We cannot wait for you to begin your Tai Chi journeys.


I do want to clear the air on something. It was brought to my attention yesterday from the marketing coordinator that someone said our regular classes at other locations are at max capacity and there is a wait list. This is simply NOT true nor has it ever been true. I do not know why someone felt the need to share false narratives but if you have questions feel free to contact me directly. If the day comes where we have to cap the class you will be the first to know from me. We welcome everyone, always, period.


Thank you Natalie and Brookgreen Gardens for your kindness and welcoming us in. With that I am so happy to share that the journey continues.


JOIN US! Brookgreen Gardens in Palmetto Garden

Every Thursday in MARCH

11:30 AM

Please arrive 5-10 mins early Wear comfy clothes and shoes


Registration required.Please be patient we are waiting on the registration link. Check back soon.

See you soon friends 🙏😎🤙

Heather & Kevin 


Thank you so much for joining us and making it a successful

2024 Open House. So fun!

It was great to meet new faces and reconnect with familiar ones.

Happy 4th Anniversary Myrtle Beach Tai Chi! 


Born from the tragedy of 9/11, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation carries forward a legacy of courage and heroism. Built upon the mantra, “While we have time, LET US DO GOOD,” the Foundation supports our nation’s fallen and catastrophically injured first responders, military heroes and their families. 

In remembrance of:

BCFD members LT. Paul Butrim, LT. Kelsey Sadler, FF Kenny Lacayo


My sister in law Jessica Grzech

Victims of the tragic Hawaii fires

Please help me support the Tunnel to Towers Foundation and America's heroes by making a donation through my page. The process is fast, easy and secure. Thank you for your support, and please don't forget to send this page to anyone who may be interested in donating!


GOAL: $750

SUCCESS: $870 

Friends, the #dogood train has reached its destination. We crossed the Finish line. Such an awesome experience.  I would like to thank Tunnels to Towers, Myrtle Beach Fire Dept and Myrtle Beach Police Dept for all you do. Today was an awesome experience yet again.  We find strength in one another and keep going. Thank you to everyone who donated, truly appreciate it.  Tunnels to Towers continues to do good including helping a recipient here in North Myrtle Beach. How awesome is that!? Last year I believe the event had over 660 people. This year we had over 800.  We must never forget 9/11. The memory of the fallen must carry on. Their spirit is still alive and strong.  Big shoutout  @britni_gaddy (my realtor) for coming in 2nd for female division and 6th overall.  Big shoutout to Mr. Kirk for joining me today, it was a pleasure.  I did not know anyone personally from 9/11 but I am the daughter of a firefighter and I connect in more ways than anyone knows.  I’m a simple woman with a path that didn’t work out in public safety but I will ALWAYS support our first responders and military.  Much respect. Thank you for following along and great job everyone. 

😎🤙🙏 Heather 

Full video pics on my FB/IG pages 


      Beyond excited to share that today 1/6/2023 is the 3rd year Anniversary of Myrtle Beach Tai Chi.  I want to personally thank each and every person that has ever been apart of this program. 

Whether you tried a class once or continued the journey, you’ve been apart of a bigger picture.  

      Going into this I had a vision yet I never held expectations.  I simply believed and something in me said to never quit.  Even when difficult times in my personal life tried to creep in and redirect me away from teaching, something said do not give up, do not quit, do not let this go.  I truly love what I do and have made many sacrifices. Most don’t know I drive almost over an hour to teach or that I work full time putting in hours that would make your head spin LOL I’m not bragging just keeping it real.  

       I’ve always kept MB Tai Chi a top priority even when it may not have made sense to people. 

It’s given me purpose, direction, and joy which allows me to redirect that back to the community. 

Everything comes full circle and for the first time in my life I have a true understanding of that. 

Things are aligning exactly how they need to be.  


Gotta give THANK YOU shout outs : 

Guru Kevin aka Dad aka BTG for believing in me, helping me get this far, and sharing your teachings/knowledge with us. Couldn’t do it without you. 


Pak Andre for shining down….definitely feel him with us every class.  

Guru Scott Sobel for believing in me and giving me the keys. Appreciate you always. 

Murrells Inlet Community Center- for your support and a safe space. 

Anyone who’s supported MB Tai Chi near and far.  

ALL Students- YOU! it all starts with you and because of that I wouldn’t be here to share the good stuff. You have kept my dream/vision alive.  You make it all worth it.  Appreciate your support, feedback and reviews. 

thank you thank you thank you 🙏🙏🙏


 We only go up from here. 💪. Alright I think I’ve babbled enough. 


Keep training! 

See you soon friends 😎🙏🤙



I'm taking on the 830 Burpees Challenge for Wounded Warrior Project! Please support me as I raise funds by taking on 830 burpees to help Wounded Warrior Project achieve their amazing mission. Every donation, big or small, counts. Cheer me on in making a difference!

GOAL: $200




Thank you so much to everyone who helped support this great foundation and helped reach the goal of $500. Huge success in a short amount of time.  

It turned out to be a great day with over 665 people

in attendance. The rain held off for us. It was an incredible experience and I'm so happy  to be apart

of honoring the memories of Heros that gave their all. They will never be forgotten. 

On behalf of Myrtle Beach Tai Chi 

Thank you 



UPDATE: Thank you everyone for a very successful November. We gained new friends in Tai Chi, overcame some weather challenges and worked to improve our Tai Chi movement. The holidays can be very uplifting yet for some it can be very difficult. I wanted to raise awareness and help our Veterans in some way because it just felt right. I found @wishes_for_warriors through @howitzerclothing that I support also. I’m happy to share that we raised $255 in donations to Wishes for Warriors and I hope it helps someone who needs it the most. Thank you to our Veterans. Thank you everyone who helped me achieve my goal and being apart of some goodness in the world.

For November, I've decided to donate funds to Wishes for Warriors which helps veterans in many different ways by giving them resources to recover, connect, and much more. Visit for more information. Help me reach the goal of $200 and donate today. 

Funds raised as of 11/30/21: $255

Thank you for your consideration. 

9/11 MEMORIAL EVENT :  9/11/2021


What an awesome morning. Today was so special and I want to thank everyone who was a part of it. Thank you for your support. You pushed through that 5 mile walk and we finished together, United.

Remembering and honoring all those who gave their all on 9/11, in this way, means a lot. We will never forget them. We also walked in honor of the 13 fallen service members in Kubal.

Thank you to all first responders who continue to protect and serve.

We must never forget why this day is so important. We will continue to be strong and carry on. It’s up to us to be a light in the darkness. It’s up to us to lift each other and rise above. May God bless you and the United States of America.

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